We generally try and keep our guests entertained within Carmarthenshire, but I wanted to share with you our trip over the border to Pembrokeshire.  Yesterday we visited  Stackpole which I last visited 5 years ago when on holiday and before moving to live in Wales.  It is a really beautiful place and lies within Pembrokeshire Coast National Park with 100 acres of lakes which are known as the Lily Ponds.  You can park in the National Trust cap park for £5 or if you arrive after 2pm it is £2.  Cheaper but more people definitely.

The estate was part of Stackpole Court which had quite a history being besieged in the English Civil War, taken over by the Thane of Cawdor in 1689 and sadly was demolished in 1963  What is left is the estate’s outbuildings, parkland and beaches which are looked after by the National Trust.  They have some more detailed information on the history of the estate.

The lakes themselves are gorgeous and the water so clear.  When we visited the wild garlic was in flower and we intend to return later in the year to see the water lilies in flower.  It really is a place to unwind and chill, with some stunning scenery that I am afraid my photos don’t really give justice to.

There is a choices of walking depending on how long and fit you feel.  Dogs are welcomed if kept on a lead and there were lots of people with dogs on the route.  It was such a lovely day that we did the shortest route and then just lay on the beach and took in the sun and the sea.  As it had been snowing earlier in the week this seemed like a complete treat!  This visit we didn’t get to go to Stackpole Quay so that is definitely one for next time.  I would also like to have visited the Walled Gardens but not enough time to do it all so another foray over the border to Pembrokeshire may be in order.

At the end of our walk we went in to the village of Bosherston and stopped at The Olde Worlde Tea Room which I would highly recommend  We sat in the garden, (where dogs were welcome by the way), and were served proper tea in a tea pot with a tea strainer by efficient friendly staff.  The scone I had was huge with lovely clotted cream and most welcome after all that relaxing.

All in all a great day out.