The project gained planning permission in 2009 under the enlightened Welsh Governments One Plant Development supporting sustainable rural communities.  There are 9 small holdings forming a community hub and although the project is still developing they have already realised their aim in becoming a sustainable group living by their principles and inspiring others.

Our gardening group joined others on the weekly guided tour which was led by the delightful Tao and Hoppi Wimbush.

This last photograph shows us at the end of our trip heading towards the Community Hub.  There was the yummiest of yummy cake awaiting us and a perfect end to our visit.  I also bought some of the produce for sale and the eggs had some of the deepest yellow yolks I think I have ever had.

It takes about 45 minutes from Pen Y Garn Cottage and possibly 50 from Tumble.  If however, you travel like we did and talk all the way ignoring the signs it may take just a little bit longer.  However we saw some fabulous scenery which we wouldn’t have seen had we not done the ‘scenic’ route!

An easy day visit for any of our guests who would like to be inspired to live a more sustainable lifestyle.  I am now trying to think of ways in which I can lighten my own footprint and be mindful of the legacy I leave for my children.

Gardening Groups day out to Lammas

One of the criteria when choosing to live at Pen Y Garn was that it was close to the National Botanic Garden of Wales where I was fortunate to be part of the Growing the Future course, Grow your Own in a Year.  Even more blessed that the lovely people in group have become good friends and have stayed together as a gardening group.  We share our gardening triumphs, challenges and importantly share cake.  When our course finished we decided to visit garden related local places of interest.  Our latest visit was to the Lammas Eco Village which is a pioneering project exploring sustainable living combining smallholding traditions with green technology and the latest innovations in environmental design.  The key to tread lightly on the planet using an holistic action rooted in the science and metrics of ecological and carbon foot printing.

Rather than give a complete account of what was shared in the tour, I would rather encourage you to visit yourself.  For us one of the highlights was to see how productive their fruit and vegetable growing has become.  I was particularly impressed with the pond in the middle of the poly tunnel. Brilliant for keeping up the humidity for tomatoes and attracts wildlife which is beneficial for the eco-system.

Overall we found Lammas to be  a vibrant productive space, filled with people who are doing something positive.  The members of the community have chosen to live in the way that can be an inspiration for all of us.  We all have a responsibility to do something rather than just talk about doing something.  I believe everyone who was part of the group, took something tangible away from their visit.  Our gardening lot already grow a lot of our own fruit and veg which helps with sustainability.