A recent guest at Pen y Garn Cottage, has identified a new bird visiting the garden, which we have added to our record.  The new visitor was a sparrowhawk.  Although this bird is listed in the RSPB conservation as Green, it is no less an impressive sight.  I thought I might have seen it a couple of weeks ago but our visitors generally have much better ornithological knowledge than me.

The downside of having this bird of prey in the garden is that we are now short of one blue tit.  The new visitor picked off the small bird while it was feeding on the peanuts outside the cottage window.  The trouble with encouraging wildlife into the garden is that you sometimes observe the wilder side of wildlife and it can be rather brutal.  Of course all living things have to get their nourishment from somewhere, I would just rather not see them actually doing it.

Last night our resident Tawny owl could be heard calling in the woodland.  It was a lovely sound and I am just blocking from my mind what that large bird might have been picking off in the undergrowth.  Luckily it was too dark to see.