I had been promising to take the ‘children’ to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay for a very long time.  As they are now 26 and 24 I tried to persuade them to go on their own, but in retrospect I am really pleased they insisted I join them.  It was a fabulous day out and although we went on a lovely sunny day, it would be a very good thing to do should you find yourself with a rainy day in Wales.

From Pen Y Garn it took us just over an hour to get to Cardiff and we parked very easily with a short 10 minute walk to the venue.  All the staff were very friendly and helpful and there was a really good atmosphere.  After buying our tickets I did say that the only thing that really scared me was the Weeping Angels.  “Oh good luck then”,  was not the reassuring answer I had hoped for.  We were first in the queue to go through and waited about 5 minutes before our group got started.  The next bit I won’t share and do a spoiler.  It is part of the ‘experience’ and you will have to go yourselves to find out what that it.  I will say that it was really well done…………………….and just a bit scary…………………!  Luckily I had my grown up children with me to protect me 🙂  There were quite a few rather small children who were similarly looking after their parents.

After the ‘experience’ there is an extensive exhibition.  There were a few different versions of the Tardis, the last time seen in the glass house at the National Botanic Garden of Wales, with Evie again posing with the tardis.  There are daleks through the ages, cybermen and loads of costumes of the different Doctors and their sidekicks.  We spent a good time looking at all of these and then came the inevitable shop.  This we were pleasantly surprised had a range of stuff which were very reasonably priced.  Not like the jaw dropping prices we encountered at another place we visited near Watford.

Altogether it was a fabulous day.  When we had seen all we wanted we had tea overlooking Cardiff Bay and congratulated ourselves on finally getting around to going.