Carmarthenshire’s myths and legends

Wales is steeped in history and 2017 is the year of Myths and Legends.  There are plenty of myths and legends in Carmarthen and in the links below are 5 tool-kits developed through Carmarthenshire Tourist Association to provide an overview of the special and unique aspects of Carmarthenshire.  They are packed with ideas and information on Carmarthen‘s history, heritage, mythology, culture, artists, poets, tastes, and distinctive landscape.  . There are so many things to choose to visit that we hope these guides will help you plan your itinerary, making the most of your visit to this beautiful part of West Wales.

Carmarthen Central

Carmarthen East

Carmarthen North West

Carmarthen North

Carmarthen West

Llanelli and Gwendreath Valley

Amman Valley